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rFactor2 - DX11 - Formula 2 2012 @ Zandvoort 2017 - VR(DK2)

Zandvoort 2017 v0.2 Beta released by S397 for the #WFG competition.
One of my all time favourite tracks, with wide sweeping sections and a fast flowing undulating course that combines super elevation changes with technical off camber corners.

The Formula 2 2012 was updated recently both graphically to align with the DX11 version of the engine, and also received a major physics and tire update as well, combining to produce one of the best cars in Rfactor 2 currently.

Here, 10 laps against the AI (95%) provides a tough and enjoyable battle fighting through the field at this great track.

Zandvoort 2017

Formula 2 2012

Spotter is Crew Chief 4.7

Real Head Motion Plugin

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