rFactor2 - DX11 - Formula 2 2012 @ Mills Metro 2011 - VR(DK2)

The formula 2 from S397 was updated recently to DX11 and alongside the graphical changes, the physics also received attention.
The full changelog is available on the S397 forums, but some highlights are:

CPM tyre upgrade
Chassis flex
New Steering system
Improvements all round to AI performance
RCD / Talent file added.

Mills MetroPark 2011 has also had a recent update to DX11 standards and features 6 layouts.
A challenging track with limited passing opportunities, but really shines in rFactor 2's new engine.

10 laps against the AI from the back of the pack, defending as much as attacking as ever with what must be the best offline experience in any sim racing game.

Formula 2 2012

Mills MetroPark 2011

Spotter is Crew Chief 4.6

Real Head Motion Plugin

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