rFactor2 - DX11 - Fiat Abarth 500/695 @ Cadwell Park - VR(DK2)

A Pocket Rocket !

The updated Fiat Abarth 500/695 v3.44

Slow Motion does it again with a top notch update to the Abarth mod. The engine/suspension/chassis/tyres have all be reworked and it shows.
Simply buckets of fun to drive and the FFB and physics are fantastic.

This is 10 laps against the usual competitive AI of rFactor2, where its as much about defending as going forward.
Cadwell Park is the perfect match for these great little cars, with its undulating course and twisting corners.

Fiat Abarth 500/695 v3.44

Cadwell Park

Spotter is Crew Chief 4.6

Real Head Motion Plugin

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