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RFactor2 1988 McLaren mp4/4 @ Jacarepaguá in VR

Hello there!

This time i´m Racing in rFactor 2, not Assetto Corsa. And i must admit this sim rocks really hard. The cars feel much more lively and hard to tame, the physics are way different. Im not going to say better, Assetto Corsa is also a very accurate sim, but this game really deserves more attention of the comunity. Its a gem, even more for F1 lovers.
Here im the 1988 mod, originally made by Carrera4 and Rainmaker for rFactor 1, but converted to rFactor 2 (it has also a convertion to Assetto Corsa).
Alain Prost's McLaren mp4/4 in my hand against a full grid. AI set at 105% with 35 % agressivity (and its a lot, you´ll see LoL).
I also made the weather change a little during the race, keep an eye for an awesome 5 lap experience.

Enjoy it in 4k60fps.

PC Specs:

Intel Core i7 8700k @ 5.0gHz
Asus Tuf-gaming pro z370
Evga Gtx1080ti SC Black Edition
16gb Corsair Vengeance 3200mhz Ddr4 ram
Oculus Rift
Logitech G920 wheel
Thrustmaster Th8a shifter

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