[rFactor] - Just for Fun - Barcelona F1 Test - 1:23.285 - Racing Wheel

[Date yyyy.mm.dd: 2009.10.03]
REMASTERED FULL HD HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S12HMLdpcvI&hd=1

A standalone racing test just for fun with racing wheel, never played before and didn't use my old Guillemot Trustmaster Ferrari Force Feedback Racing Wheel for long time. This is best lap in an hour test session. The additon of music is not my choice (I used in game feature to make video from replay).

Game: rFactor;
Car: F1 BWM Sauber 2007;
Track: Barcelona;
Lap Time: 1:23.285, 4.5s too hight!
Weather: Sun;
Modality: Test;
Stability Control: Low;
ABS: Low;
Traction Control: Average;
Auto Cluth: On;
Auto Shift: Off;
Other helps: All Off;
Car Setup: Game Default;
Fuel: 22L, 5laps;
Tyre: Medium Soft;
Games Add-On: no, base game;
Controller: Steering Wheel.

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