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Rfactor 2 VR / LMP2 & GTE @ Sebring

Yay, my first Rfactor 2 vid! I always liked this sim though it was never my go to sim. That might change if the new tracks which will come can keep up the quality this laserscanned version of Sebring (one of my favourite tracks) has. It really is outstanding.

So I took the new LMP2s and GTEs by Studio 397 for a 15 lap spin! To simulate day to night transition I accelerated the time progression to 20x which is much too fast, which you’ll notice at the 5min mark :D – and suddenly it’s dark! I’ll have to play around with more relaxed settings I guess.

Also…the real interesting action starts around the 13 min mark, before that I’m more or less by myself. So you might want to skip forward if you don’t wanna fall asleep. ;)

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