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rFactor 2: Puma P052 @ VIR (Reiza pack)

Martin Fiala
The final video for the rF2 Reiza pack is the "everything that could went wrong did" kind of video. I originally intended to do a race in rain, but wasn't able to capture a race in rain with acceptable framerate, plus some AI issues on wet track made it a somewhat frustrating experience. I also intended to do a multiclass with the Metalmoro MR18 cars (also part of the Reiza pack), but with limited time to record, I didn't get the race length right (despite making the race longer than the previous ones), and the race ended right before the Metalmoro cars were starting to lap the Pumas. I also underestimated the amount of Pumas on the grid, so I ended up racing alone the last few laps. And to top it off, the track got a bit too dark near the end with the clouds and the sunset.

Still, I think it's worth watching. I really like the Puma P052 a lot, it's a small car that could and that is really fun to drive.

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