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  1. Stanislas
    Thanks for your video's Paul, but seriously, how can you use rf2 with such stutterings on the backgroud?
  2. paul carter
    paul carter
    No post processing.. think it’s multi view that kills frame rates.. should I not use rFactor 2 then due to my poor hardware..? sorry if my old hardware offends your eyes.. can’t all afford the latest shinny graphics cards .(nor get free kit from large vendors due to being a popular you tuber or press member ) I know you surguestted not using rFactor 2.. but if it’s all the same I think I shall.
  3. Stanislas
    Sorry, but you totally missunderstood my comment Paul, I love rf2 that is my sim of choice (closely followed by AMS); and I appreciate your video's that I watch for most of them.
    I have the same stuttering problem in dx11 (even with a steady 60fps) and I have had to revert to dx9, because when it looks like this, it is really unplayable for me (as it is for a lot of rf2 users and as you can read oftenly on S397 forum)...
  4. Stanislas
    If it's playable for you like this... then I'm happy for you!
    What offend me is not your hardware, but how this dx11 update just ruined the experience for a lot of us.
    So, I sincerly ask again, how aren't you bothered by those stutterings?
  5. paul carter
    paul carter
    People running single screens an VR seem not to suffer the same stuttering effect.
    So I’m convinced it’s multi view? My system can run iRacing maxed with mirrors at a fixed 84 FPS no issues. Maybe 397 just need to optimise DX11,or is the physics engine too demanding? I also put rFactor2 as my sim of choice. With AMS closely behind. Something just feels right an immersive on both titles.
  6. paul carter
    paul carter
    An yes I dislike the stuttering .. before I played about with settings it was considerably worse. Prolonged periods would create motion sickness or similar symptoms. My system is nearly 4 years old,but has 32g of vengeance ram,i7sandy bridge(4.9hz) sapphire Vapor x (6g.edition) silver back psu..? Should be enough with post processing off? But isn’t clearly..

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