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rFactor 2 - Porsche 911 RSR - 60 Mins of CTMP (Mosport) - RD Club Race

Crashhard Banger
My race from Friday. A good test for fuel and tyres.
  1. Matt Percival
    Matt Percival
    Your frame rate looks good. I struggle on this track in VR especially through turn 1.
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  2. Crashhard Banger
    Crashhard Banger
    I think it looks smoother on video than it actually felt. It was quite choppy in places - turn 1 and exiting the hairpin before the back straight. I got used to it after a while and it didn't bother me. TBH, it's probably one of the worst tracks for VR performance I've driven so far. Could really do with some optimisation.
  3. Pauli Ahonen
    Pauli Ahonen
    How can your tires run so hot? Minimum pressure? Mine was way cooler but i got left with 80% tread left...
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  4. Crashhard Banger
    Crashhard Banger
    My driving style and terrible braking. I drive 'on the nose' and kept locking the unladen right-front. I lowered front pressures a few clicks to get more grip. Right-front was flat-spotted by half-distance and towards the end I had no braking power. I should've mapped brake bias so I could move it back. If you hadn't gone off, you'd have passed me easily in the next few laps as you was lapping way faster.
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  5. Pauli Ahonen
    Pauli Ahonen
    I want more heat for next race. Your car looks like it sticks better.
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  6. Crashhard Banger
    Crashhard Banger
    Your pace looked good to me. You'd been fighting for a podium but for your mishaps! I'm usually crap at Hockenheim - but it's only 45 mins so hopefully fuel + tyre wear won't be an issue.

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