rFactor 2: Nissan GT-R GT1 vs Bathurst

Game: rFactor 2
Mod: Nissan GT-R GT1
Track: Bathurst
Game Device: G27 + Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals
No assist to drive

Testing the updated Nissan GTR GT1 at Bathurst, recently released by ISI. 5 laps taken from a race against the AI set to 110%, best lap is the third in the video, 2:03.4.
the track is nice, but maybe it is a bit too bumpy in some points, makes really challenging the driving. Also the car i liked, it's not my thing and it is so much that I did not use it, so I do not know precisely what changed with the latest release.
Certainly improved the ffb that now is more "full-bodied". it is quite difficult to drive, not easy to be fast and precise, without damaging the tires. However very funny combo :)
  1. Lazarou likes this.
  2. Lazarou
    You beat me to it Baron, just uploaded a hotlap of this combo to youtube. Nice video as always. I agree the car is tricky to drive around Bathurst, did a few races last night but the AI kept finding the concrete walls and causing chaos. I prefer the URD cars around the mountain.
  3. baronesbc
    saw your video, it's a good lap :) the car is very bastard and tricky indeed, but it's a nice and funny combo in the end :)

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