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rFactor 2: MCR 2000 @ Ibarra (Reiza pack)

Martin Fiala
The long-awaited Reiza pack for rF2 is finally here! And it's great, just as expected. So here's a short 5 lap AI race presenting the awesome MCR 2000 cars at the Ibarra track (reversed), both of which are part of said pack. It was a blast.
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  2. max1966i
    Martin, as you post vids can you do a multi class with these, the AJR and the S397 LMP2/3. Of course I can race them myself but I think it would make a great combo for a video. Cheers Malcolm
  3. Martin Fiala
    Martin Fiala
    I'll see what I can do. I would expect there to not be as much difference between those classes, though.
    I have AJR (solo) video coming, just need to edit and upload it.
  4. max1966i
    I suppose multi class was the wrong description, 'inter developer' clash of similar classes

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