rFactor 2 Mclaren MP4/7 - Senna Onboard at Estoril [F1 1992]

Game: rFactor 2
Mod: Formula 1 1992 by F1ASR - W.I.P.
Track: Suzuka
Game Device: G27 + Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals
No assist to drive, all cut including automatic clutch..

The first laps of a race against the AI, set to 105% .. I am qualified sixth with a time of 1:16.6, but was possible more (best time in race instead 1:19.6, the last lap in the video).. I expected the AI more competitive in the race, but they were a bit more slow than the practice, the game needs a better balance in this aspect .. i can increase the difficulty, but then they become unreachable in qualifying .. anyway the first laps were fun :) the AI for some aspects is really impressive, seems real!
this mod is growing very well, really a great job!
there is a bug at the moment, I did not understand if it's a bug of RF2 or of the mod:
in the replay, the audio of the player merges with that of the opponents, without the possibility to set them in a right way.. the result is not good, we hope will be resolved soon

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