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rFactor 2 I LMP2 Oreca 07 139:6 @Paul Ricard Test I kozik

  1. Pauli Ahonen
    Pauli Ahonen
    1. Change to lowest drag in tuning menu
    2. Don't drive into inside curbs at speed as you lose contact mid-turn
    3. Bring unique livery, bright for safety!
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  2. kozik
    -it's just a test.
    -I'm content to be three seconds away from the aliens ...
    -I prefer to go with the high wing, in other leagues it can not be modified and it is better to adapt from the beginning and not modify anything.
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  3. Pauli Ahonen
    Pauli Ahonen
    Why don't they let change aero in VEC?
  4. kozik
    I think everyone has the same.
    I tried it yesterday and the car is going very well, thanks for your advice Pauli.
  5. Pauli Ahonen
    Pauli Ahonen
    Oh that must be for safety reasons. The car feels very different without dive planes.

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