rFactor 2: Flat6 Series by Enduracers - Sebring

Merry Christmas :D

Game: rFactor 2
Mod: Flat6 Series by Enduracers, you can download it here:
Track: Sebring
Game Device: G27 + Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals
No assist to drive

A video just to show this very nice mod by EnduRacers, a great job under every aspects.
about the video, few laps taken from a practice session, with the AI set to 105% if I remember correctly. unfortunately it decided to pit just when I was getting ready to overtake, ruining a bit the run. best time is 2:1.6
Unfortunately, as you can see, I've had some problems with shadows.
with full quality gave me some problems, so I had to set them on high, but the resolution is not very good. i'm sorry because the mod is really nice graphically for rFactor 2 standards.

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