rFactor 2 - Endurance Series - Sebring - Zytek Z11SN

Crashhard Banger
40 car mash-up of 3 different classes. I threw in the SCES LMP1 with P2 & GTE from various years and spec. I drove the Nissan-powered 2013 WEC Zytek. Not raced at Sebring much, so this was an opportunity to get familiar with this famous track. A busy and eventful race with unexpected ending.

Game Settings:
- Damage Multiplier: 0%
- AI Strength: 96%
- AI Aggression: 50%
- AI Limiter: 0%
- Time Scale: x60
- Tyre Wear: x5
- Fuel Rate: x5

This track is harder on tyres than Road America. I used low ABS+TC as I was losing time on worn tyres and the kerbs throw the car off line. Difficult to place with the high arches. I found the AI too fast around here @100% (or I'm too slow). However they seemed to have trouble when their tyres wore down - taking weird lines and going wide in bends. A few of them ran out of fuel too!

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