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rFactor 2 - DX11 - BTCC NGTC @ Oulton Park Island - VR(DK2)

BTCC - One of the most famous racing series in the world, providing spectacular and close racing in race versions of our every day cars since 1958 !

Next Gen Mod Team has taken the original BTCC mod and updated it both graphically to full DX11 compatibility, and also reworked the cars interiors/physics and skins. The mod now covers seasons 2011 through 2017.
More cars are planned by the team, including the Subaru Levorg, Vauxhall Astra and Toyota Avensis 2017.

The BTCC mod can be found on the Steam Workshop here:

Next Gen Mod Team can be found on Facebook here:

I'm driving the Honda Civic BTCC 2013 by S397:

10 Lap sprint race at the awesome Oulton Park Circuit 2015 conversion by Digga, with a battle on the last lap so typical of the real life series!

The Spotter is the amazing Crew Chief:

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