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rFactor 2 | Challengers Pack Audi R8 GT3 impressions

I finally get to try out the new GT3 cars in the new Challengers Pack for rFactor 2 from Studio 397. First up is the Audi R8.
  1. ionONE1
    Feels like the shift light is way off, when the red one switches on there is so much more room until the rev limiter hits and it is faster/as fast by doing so. A couple of rf2 dlc cars have that issue.
    PresidentSmug likes this.
  2. PresidentSmug
    some one did bring this to my attention and i've started to change gears when the revs hit 8200. It seems to be working for me, managed a 28.1 with a few nore changes to the setup

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