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rf2 Aston Martin GT3 Hockenheim 1:38.248 test

Here is my sunday benchmark feedback, just bought the challenger pack and did <10 laps with each car in this order.

Hockenheim gp (no working track rules on the steam version, tried to be fair T1)
Old content, well i practiced a lot with these 3 cars.
1:38:780 mclaren
1:38:760 mercedes
1:38:669 callaway
1:38:656 aston -> new 1:38.248 -> new 1:37.668
1:38:707 audi -> new 1:38.078
1:38:905 porsche (more potential, need more practice)
1:38:795 bmw (probably another 0.200 on track)
1:38:717 mclaren720s

Setups: changed to 15liter fuel, soft tires, radiator to 100% (some cars overheat so 50%/75%)

2.Back after the break and tried the Aston again. Changed to lowest tire pressure all around (improves time in GTE cars), lowered FOV or i needed that break after 4 hours of grinding the track, there has to be a reason^^)
1:38.248 ... maybe another round of testing this week.

1:38:656 aston -> new 1:37:878
1:38:707 audi -> new 1:38.078
1:38:905 porsche -> new 1:39.101
1:38:795 bmw -> new 1:38.696
1:38:717 mclaren720s -> new 1:38.051
TLDR:audi/mclaren very balanced and "easy" to drive. aston is a little monster, fast! bmw: longest braking distance out of this pack. porsche: different driving style, takes most skill to go fast, needs practice.

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