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RDTCC Season 9||Division 2||Round 3 (Race 1)

Vimal Ana
Hey guys! This is Round 3 (aka Race 1) of the RaceDepartment Touring Car Championships.
This is Division 2 where the drivers battle it out to get promoted to Server 1.
After countless practise laps of the tricky but fun Jacarepagua Curva Sul I sat down for the actual race.
Qualified P24 after being unable to match practise pace. It would have put me in the top 15 if I had done my PB. The race itself was eventful till the second half after I ran wide and spun.
My race pace was not very good as any spots I made up at the start was lost throughout the 30min race.
Do subscribe if you wish to see Race 2 and future Division 2 and maybe Division 1 races:p
(ps: This video took 9 freaking hours to render......)

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