Rapidfire downshifting: bad for your ears, bad for your car

Learning how to treat your gearbox with respect in this game isn´t all that vital, but it´s still worth. Some very specific combos do punish you for too agressive downshifting, plus you´re not always going to play the same sim, are you? Be ready for the moment you drive in one that demands proper gearbox handling!

Your best friends to understand when you´re abusing your car are your own ears, so trust them. If it doesn´t sound right, it´s not right.

As you can see I finally tried to leave the stone age and got sound for this clip. I surely made dozens of mistakes both recording the voice-over and editing it, but don´t worry, I´ll get better at it as I keep trying... probably :) Anyway, I added subtitles to make it easier to follow
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