RaceRoomers FR3 Championship | Round 3 Shanghai

Now we travel to Shanghai where i'm hoping that i can manage my first podium finish of the season.
  1. Jopamir
    You did it Ismail, congrats! Another great race, podium 2nd.
    btw, what happened to Mike when he was 2nd place...?
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  2. PresidentSmug
    Unfortunately he lost internet connection. Gutted for him i'm sure he would have got podium too. At 22:29 he connects to tell me what happened.
  3. Jopamir
    shity situation indeed... but you "gringos" (as the brasilian friendly calls you guys) are posing a great fight against their finest, namely the "Sá clan".They are quite a tough bone to chew I think, they are really good drivers. You'll have to fight hard everytime for the podium places, but you are great too and they better watch their mirrors really well. Congrats again and good luck for the coming races

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