RaceRoomers FR3 Championship | Round 1 Spa

Lets just say things didn't go according to plan on our first outing with the FR3s.
  1. Jopamir
    Hi Ismail,
    what sort of championship is this? Im more curious because its you and Mike, and then, a lot of compatriots of mine (portuguese) and brasilians... just curious.
    Btw, you did a great race despite sometimes being pushed around hard. Not cool.
    But you kept your nerve and made it to the finish. Mike almost had to push is car to finish line...ehehehe...
    Jose Paulo
  2. PresidentSmug
    RaceRoomers is a Brazilian community of racers that have now started 4 different championships in the FR3, DTM 2016, GTR3 Porsche, and AUDI TT. They all consist of 6 events every 2 weeks. To qualify for an event you must put a time on the leaderboard for that track and car combo and the top 40 times get to race in grid A & B. I like how they have organised the races, with some very good drivers to compete with. I've already met a few really cool Brazilians despite the language barrier.
  3. Jopamir
    Thank you Ismail for the information.
    Time to learn some vernacular portuguese if you want to tell the guys to get out your back...ehehe..just kidding...
    Good luck, and keep feeding videos of the races.
    Thank you
    Jose Paulo

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