RaceRoomers DTM Masters Championship |Round 1 Red Bull Ring

This is round 1 of the Cockpit Águia DTM Masters Championship at http://raceroomers.com/ . This is my first championship, lets hope i get off to a good start.

00:00 Starts Qualifying
06:06 Starts Race
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  2. Andrew Harper
    Andrew Harper
    Well done on a good result.

    I'd forgotten about this, I'd registered on the site but hadn't yet seen the dates of the races. Will try and join the next one. Looks like a really good grid for both rookie and masters.

    Not sure which league to jump into though. Life is getting in the way a bit too much at the moment so practice for these things is almost non-existent, which is a shame.
  3. PresidentSmug
    I'd definitely recommend it, it was organised rather well. And even though i speak no Portuguese whatsoever, they were accommodating and had someone explain things to me in English.
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