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RaceRoom / WTCC 2015 / Silverstone National

Jason Palmer
Silverstone has now been released on RaceRoom Racing Experience by Sector3 and as such my thoughts turned to racing the National layout with some touring cars.

So I loaded up the WTCC 2015 car pack and selected the Honda and away i went.

First thing you notice is that the track surface is a lot more detailed with the car moving about on the bumps, dips and curbs more so than in their earlier tracks in R3E which really helps with the immersion factor for me.

All the details seem present and correct which helps lift the overall feel of the whole place and once again helps make you feel you are really there.

Moving on to the racing and i was eager to try out the new AI updates that have also been included in a recent new R3E build.

I set the AI level to 111 and let them qualify while i lined up at the back of a 16 car strong field.

I was presently surprised by how the start went with no major incidents even with the cars moving around a lot and jostling for position going into the first couple of corners.

I also found that i could poke my nose in here and there without being cut off as if i was not there and under heavy braking if i was right on the car in fronts bumper they could be pushed into a small mistake here and there which was nice.

For me one of the biggest changes was the ability to run side by side cleanly and without just being pushed off the track as they took up their racing line. I was even able to run round the outside of corners side by side without any issues.

Now as is always the case with a small track and touring cars there was the odd bit of rubbing and it did not end in tears for either car and all though it slowed both cars down a fraction as you lost momentum neither car was spat off the track and could collect them selves up and carry on.

As always this sim and its dev team just keeps on raising the bar with this title.

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