RaceRoom VRTM Season 3 | Round 1 SPA FRANCORCHAMPS

My first race at VRTM which is a German RaceRoom DTM league. Race 1 is a 25 minutes and race 2 is 40 minutes with a mandatory pit stop. Both races had great battles from start to finish, can't wait for the next round. I made a few more mistakes than i needed in race 2 but still had fun.

00:00 Qualifying Race 1
16:05 Race 1
42:50 Qualifying Race 2
48:50 Race 2
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  2. Andrew Harper
    Andrew Harper
    Nice one, I was looking for a DTM league so this might be possible. I see the races are in the week. Are they always on a Wednesday? That would be ok as that's a night I don't work. Looks good though, good turnout :)

    EDIT: Sorry my German is ever so slightly non-existent! Just found the dates for all the rounds.
  3. PresidentSmug
    Lol. My german doesn't exist. I've been looking for a DTM league for ages then 2 fall on my lap, VRTM and RaceRoomers. Both are really cool, definately glad i joined. Its so wierd how aggressive i have to be while also not causing accidents, tough to find the balance. Love how good a lot of the field is, makes beating them that much more satisfying ;-)
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