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RaceRoom [VR] - Mercedes AMG | Bathurst

Jeremy Ford
Just getting in some final practice for Sunday's endurance race with the 3D Discord guys. I compared my VR and single monitor lap times and seem to be faster in VR, at around 1+ second per lap. This will need further study, and I'm thinking about making a video on this very subject. What do you think?

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  2. Matt Percival
    Matt Percival
    I agree with your sentiment. I just experienced this exact thing a few days ago while comparing modded tracks between AC and rF2. I wanted to give VR a break and hadn't used it in a while, but noticed lap times seemed a bit off from the monitor view. Threw on the HMD and gained a full second. I've heard low frame rates can affect lap times, but did think it would be the opposite effect.
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  3. Jeremy Ford
    Jeremy Ford
    There does seem to be a trend in confirming this, I'm seeing this mentioned elsewhere and chatting to another sim racer who also stated VR is faster for them too.

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