RaceRoom RR Leagues DTM 92 Bathurst

Jason Palmer
This is the live stream of round 5 of the RR Leagues DTM 92 championship on RaceRoom from Bathurst

R3E - http://store.steampowered.com/app/211500/

RR Leagues - https://rrleagues.com/

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My Sim racing Setup.

My Rig

rSeat Evo metal rig

Fanatec CSW V2 wheel base with universal hub and GT rim

Fanatec CSP V3 with brake performance kit

fanatec Club Sport V1 shifter

DSD P1 button box

3 x 19" monitors - 4320 x 900
1 x 19" monitor as race monitor
1 x 5" monitor as my sim dash running Z1 dashboard software


Intel i7 4790K
Nvidia GTX 1070
8GB 16GB ram
480GB SSD Windows 10

OBS Studio is used to stream my center screen so FOV may look a little tight

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