RaceRoom RE: Zakspeed Capri Group 5 @ Salzburgring (RD club race)

Martin Fiala
We finished the week at Salzburgring with a big Group 5 race on Sunday. Taming these beasts is not an easy task for a single lap, let alone for 45 minutes, but we've managed to do pretty good if I may say so myself ;) Race starts at 29:30.

The race was also broadcasted on the RD Twitch channel with full commentary, so head there for a full coverage of the race:


Tomorrow, we're heading to Nurburgring in Audi TT Cup cars with a rookie race with yet another official stream coverage, and on Sunday you can watch our WTCC race at Mantorp. So be sure to watch or even join us in the race!


Qualification starts at 21.30 CEST, race starts at 22.00 CEST. See you there!

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