RaceRoom RE: Honda Civic WTCC 2014 @ Indianapolis Moto (RD club race)

Martin Fiala
On Thursday, we went to Indy again, running it in the opposite direction in WTCC 2014 cars. It was also the first race after flags were implemented in R3E, which meant there was some confusion as it didn't work exactly as expected. Q1 and R1 were definitely better for me, I was kinda all over the place in Q2 and R2.


00:00 Qualification 1
09:50 Race 1
33:45 Qualification 2
43:00 Race 2

Also, for anyone interested, there's gonna be a big multiclass race on Sunday which you can also watch as an official commentated stream at the official RaceDepartment Twitch channel at:


Qualification starts at 18:30 GMT/20:30 CEST.
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