RaceRoom Racing Experience | Tom Coronel Competetion | Zandvoort | 1.40,951 (Hotlap + Setup)

I'm finally here in R3E!
My first challenge was to get used to a modern FWD Touring Car. But not only one car. No it was the 2017 WTCC Chevrolet from Tom Coronel around zandvoort.
To be honest this was my first ever outing on this track and i think you can see this. Sure you can gain 2-3 tenths here over the lap but i was happy to be in division 1 during my first proper test ;)

Now about the game itself
I don't know why i bought this earlier to be honest! It is amazing!! The physics, the sounds, the force feedback. Everything is amazing and feels awesome! I'm very happy that i bought it and i highly recommend the game for everyone who is searching for a new challenge!

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