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RaceRoom Racing Experience: Mercedes 190E Evo II DTM vs Macau

Game: RaceRoom Racing Experience
Car: Mercedes 190E Evo II DTM 1992
Track: Macau
Game Device: G27 + Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals
No assist to drive, all cut including automatic clutch..
Driving with manual clutch and h shifter

Another experiment with the garmin virb action cam, but the situation has not improved so much :)
However, great fun with this combo car/track, this is an hot lap with the 190E, the lap time is 2:23.6.
The DTM 92 is the pack that I prefer on RaceRoom along with Group 5 cars, and Macau, Macau is just terrific!
  1. nivadepi and budlix like this.
  2. budlix
    Excelent driving. Agree Macau is terrific. Unforgiving, difficult and challenging, helly as Nordschleife to me :)

    Are you driving WTCC also?
    baronesbc likes this.
  3. baronesbc
    Thanks, and agree, very challenging track.
    I'm more for cars with manual clutch and h shifter, but wtcc 2014 is nice too, not my thing but sometimes I try some races :)

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