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Jason Palmer
Today Sector3 released the new Audi TT Cup Car for RaceRoom Racing Experience so i thought i would take this new car out for a quick blast to see what it was like to race.

This new car comes with a new feature for this sim, Push To Pass, which gives you a quick burst of power, an extra 30 BHP, for a limited time to help with overtaking or defending.

I tended to use it down the main straight to help with overtaking, its subtle in its use but you can tell when its been deployed as it allows you to just get a slight edge on the car in front.

Also for a front wheel drive car it handles very nice with a planted feel and they have captured that wheel torque feeling a FWD produces under acceleration, but its never to much so that it feel like an under steering cruise ship !

R3E was also updated its self yesterday and i found the AI improvements to be very welcome as i had many a great race with the AI as i tried the new content out for this video.

I feel this new car is well worth buying and is a great addition to this sim that seems to get better with each update and content release, cant wait to see what 2016 brings us !

To find out more please check out the R3E news stories over at www.pitlanes.com



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