RaceRoom Racing Experience: DTM at Nurburgring: Online Race

James Nance
Some great close racing
Online race 5/31/15
  1. SwaggerJacker
    I enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing. You really understand your car. You know it's limits, and you stay there. On the limit.
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  2. James Nance
    James Nance
    Thanks you, wasn't a bad days worth of racing. Had some other good races after, again everyone drove really well and fair, at least the ones I came across.
  3. SwaggerJacker
    Yeah, you had some nice overtakes there. Haven't we raced in WTCC? Well, you raced, I had Mrs. Daisey with me!
  4. James Nance
    James Nance
    yeah we have raced a few times, WTCC always provided great races, but not sure what the outcomes were.

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