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Raceroom Racing Experience - BMW Z4 GT3 @ Hockenheim Ring - 25AI - 8Min Race

Damn this took a while to record, kept messing up on corner exit, or got into a scuffle with the AI. Not the cleanest race, but not the dirtiest either. The sound in this game is fantastic, wish they updated to DX11, the overall experience is fantastic just looks dated. The recent updates finally made handling the cars exciting and not daunting. I used the default setup.

AI @ 105
Time: Noon
Difficulty: Get Real
TCS: Off

Settings: Max everything 8xAA. For some reason the UI gets messed up if I 4k DSR it. It used to work fine, something with the launcher...

Wheel: G25


Intel Core i5 3570K OC @ 4.6Ghz
EVGA GeForce 970 OC 4GB
G.Skill Ripjaws 16GB 1666Mhz DDR3
Samsung 840 PRO 250GB SSD
AsRock z77 Extreme4
Corsair H100i
Rosewill 450w GOLD PSU
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