Jason Palmer
Today Sector3 released a new update for their sim RaceRoom Racing Experience which contained an overhaul of both the physics and sounds for all the group 5 class cars.

After they took the time to update the group 5 cars it would be rude not to take them out for a blast, so i did.

I jumped into the BMW and decided to race it around the Mid Ohio track.

I set the AI down to 111 as i am not the quickest driver when using the H pattern gearbox and wanted to at least stay with the pack !

I qualified 8th and after a bit of panel scrapping for the first couple of laps i settled in to a safe 7th as i crossed the line.

As for the cars, well the update has changed how they now drive with proper turbo lag which you can really feel building up and finally erupting when at full chat ! But its all still controllable with the new FFB now giving you plenty of info so that you can feather the throttle or apply just the right amount of opposite lock to help keep the car on track.

The sounds are just as epic as ever with the rush of the turbo combined with the throaty engine note all adding to the feeling of immersion.

The only thing this description or video could not show or express is the massive smile driving these cars gave me all race long !

The Group 5 class cars can be brought as a pack from the R3E store - http://game.raceroom.com/store/pack/group-5-pack

And R3E can be downloaded from Steam - http://store.steampowered.com/app/211500/
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  2. Keith Joyce
    Keith Joyce
    Would be nice to see some in-car footage from this race!
  3. Jason Palmer
    Jason Palmer
    Keith the onboard view is a little cropped as the replay is captured on my triple screen rig with OBS just recording the center screen and as such the onboard replay would just show one third of the available view making it seem very odd to watch back.
  4. Keith Joyce
    Keith Joyce
    No problemmo!

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