RaceRoom Racing Experience: BMW 320 Turbo Vs Nurburgring - Adaptive AI

Game: RaceRoom Racing Experience
Car: BMW 320 Turbo Group 5
Track: Nurburgring
Game Device: G27 + Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals
Playing in get real mode, with h shifter and manual clutch

Another great car for RaceRoom, the very angry BMW 320 Turbo :), very fun car to drive, but rather quite nervous and prone to oversteer, even compared to the Capri ..
I was trying a race against the AI, these are the early laps..
I have to say that if it is set to difficult 120% (the maximum), with this combination car/track, it is not very competitive .. it can't go below the min 2:00 (in race, in practice and qualifying sessions it is also more slow), while I can do 1:57
So I tried the adaptive AI, which should adapt to the level of the player .. it is a great idea, but at the moment it does not work very well .. in the practice and qualifying sessions, the AI is as if it were set at difficult 120 %; in the race, if it's in the first positions, it does not drop below the min 2:00.. but if it is following me, it manages to do my lap times, as seen in the video ..
the idea as said is great, but it works in half :) , let's hope that in the future it will be improved
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