RaceRoom Racing Experience - Audi TT RS VLN - Nordschleife VLN - 1 Lap

Jason Palmer
Check out this video where i attempt a lap around the VLN config of the mighty Nordschleife circuit in the newly released Audi TT RS VLN car from Sector3 for their sim RaceRoom.

Before today i had never really driven a proper lap around here but with this new VLN spec Audi for RaceRoom it just seemed wrong to try it anywhere else really.

After well over 4 hours later of just hot lapping i finally looked up from my sim rig to see it was now dark out side !!!

Yes the two together make such a compelling combination i was lost in the sim and trying to get just one more lap in.

Its not the fastest car around Nords but its easy going nature just begs you to push that little bit harder next time round and when you do get it on the edge you can feel the rear end become light and its then time to use a bit of gas and steering input to keep it all pointing forwards.

As always with new R3E cars they have got the sounds and FFB spot on and as a result you can really push on knowing what the car and track are doing making it a real pleasure to drive.

This is another new bit of sim racing content i highly recommend you check out especially if you love trying to conquer Nordschleife

You can find R3E on Steam here - http://store.steampowered.com/app/211500/

And the new Audi can be found on their store page here - http://game.raceroom.com/store/cars/audi-tt-rs-cup/audi/audi-tt-rs-vln

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  1. M D Gourley
    M D Gourley
    Awesome...looking forward to purchasing and giving it the heavy throttle boot ...lol
  2. Jason Palmer
    Jason Palmer
    I really enjoyed just lapping in this car as it inspires confidence

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