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RaceRoom - Porsche 964 at Bathurst

Jason Palmer
Jason has finally got his sim racing mic setup sorted and what better way to test everything out than taking an old skool Porsche 964 cup car around the mighty mountain track Bathurst in RaceRoom.

This is just a quick race using the adaptive AI but as always the racing was hard but fun and the racing was at time so intense Jason struggled with some of his heal and toe downshifts !!!

This was the first time Jason had used the foundation FFB option in SC4 with his Accuforce DD wheel in RaceRoom.

Please let us know in the comments what you think of the audio in the video and any help, tips and feedback about using a powered XLR mic would be great. Also if there are any Accuforce users watching please let Jason know if you use SC4 with RaceRoom and if so do you use the game FFB or the foundation FFB settings.

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