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Raceroom: Porsche 934 RSR @ Nordschleife

Martin Fiala
After a ton of practice, here's my current best lap in the newly released Porsche 934 RSR on the Nordschleife. Certainly plenty of room to improve, but I'm still happy with this - the video can't really convey how absolutely terrifying driving this car is. Even completing a lap is an achievement. If you go over a slight bump, the car oversteers. If you lift off, the car oversteers. If you leave your foot on the throttle, as soon as the turbo kicks in, it oversteers. Shift in a wrong spot...oversteers. Step on the brakes...yeah, you guessed it, it oversteers ;) Basically the only time it doesn't want to oversteer is when going through a corner - then it understeers a lot ;) And it obviously has no downforce to help you, so the faster you go, the scarier it gets.

So really hard to drive, but great fun and very satisfying to get right. Absolutely recommended if you didn't try it yet.

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