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RaceRoom: Opel Omega 3000 Evo 500 DTM vs Nordschleife VLN (AI 120%) - Real Wheel Overlay

Game: RaceRoom Racing Experience
Car: Opel Omega 3000 Evo 500 DTM 1992
Track: Nordschleife VLN Laser Scanned
Game Device: G27 + Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals
Playing in get real mode, with H shifter and manual clutch

Sector 3 has finally released its Nordschleife in laser scan, masterpiece!
On R3E you'll be spoiled for choice among the various series suitable to run on it. among them the always great DTM 92, the pack that I prefer in absolute.
In the video, the first lap from a race of 45 min against the AI set to 120%. not bad, rather combative and aggressive, but it is a little slow at some points of the track, and unfortunately the bots have to contend with the gear ratios that are by default rather short.
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