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RaceRoom / KTM X-Bow RR / Brands Hatch Indy

Jason Palmer
Sector3 Studios released the KTM X-Bow RR car today on their sim RaceRoom Racing Experience.

After enjoying the new DTM 2016 content and sim updates i was itching to try out this new car.

The KTM is one of the first cars to feature the new suspension animation and it does look great i can tell you.

But more importantly is how it drives, and in a word mental !

It's such a laugh to race with its more power than grip handling trying to keep that rear end in check as you power out of the corners is real blast and that snap oversteer on corner entry if you come to hot does keep you on your toes i can tell you.

But it still feels controllable and even when the back end steps out you can still pull it back in by either playing with the throttle or applying some opposite lock which does feel satisfying when you pull off such moves.

The race in this video is only my second or third race in this car and as you can see i am still learning just how to get the most out of it.

I enjoyed it so much that i did another several races one after the other having so much fun testing out just how far you take things.

Once again another brilliant addition to R3E and well worth picking up and checking out.





My hardware and software setup.


Intel i7 4790K
Nvida GTX 1060 6GB
Samsung Evo 480GB SSD


rSeat Evo Rig

Fanatec v2 CSW
Fanatec Universal Hub with Clubsport GT rim
Fanatec v3 CSP with brake damper
Fanatec ClubSport v1.0 Shifter
DSD P1 button box

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