Raceroom FR US Sonoma Sprint with Racedepartment

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  2. TobiasR
    From about 30:13
  3. Daniel Trapp
    Daniel Trapp
    "NO NO "
    " OH ****, sorry guys "
    :D :D
  4. TrevorGreenfield
    Nice Vid! But, am I wrong or is this the Indycar layout? The record from last year is 1:16.253 . Your laptimes are :57?? Did R3R get it that wrong?
  5. Daniel Trapp
    Daniel Trapp
    It´s not the Layout that Indycar is using I think, its way too short.
  6. TrevorGreenfield
    OK I see it looks like its the NASCAR course that uses the chute. The NASCAR lap record is 1:14. So that would make sense. Still looks like a blast... missing the RDIWS. Seeing Charles and Tobias in Indycars bringing back memories from last year.
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  7. Chark
    Hell yeah man @TrevorGreenfield! That race was almost a throwback. I love these cars in rF2 and I love them as well in R3E now. The layout you see on the video is the Nascar one, indeed. I wish more games had Sonoma as stock content, that's an amazing track.
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