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Raceroom - Formula Raceroom Jr | Laguna Seca

Jeremy Ford
I thought it would be interesting to test the same car and track combo that I recorded in Automobilista from a couple of days back, but in RaceRoom this time. Just to get a feel of the differences between these two titles.

And there are some differences and similarities of how the car behaves and the force feedback detail. And it took me some laps get the feel of the car in RaceRoom, but it was made easier by having already becoming familiar of how to operate this tricky Formula car in Automobilista.

In the next video I'll run the same race in Project Cars 2 for comparison. It's an interesting study to compare sim racing titles this way, by running the same car and track back-to-back I think!

GAME: Raceroom
CAR: Formula Raceroom Jr
TRACK: Laguna Seca

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