RaceRoom - BMW M3 E30 - Imola

Jason Palmer
I decided to load up RaceRoom today after not racing this title for a couple of weeks and went old school for some fun with the AI.

I selected the Classic Touring cars and then the BMW M3 E30 and took them to Imola for a 15 minute race with the AI set at 101%.

I had one of the best and most intense AI races in any sim for quite a while, so thought i would upload the race replay so you can see me make my way through the field from 20th to 7th.

I was very impressed with the AI behavior through out the race especially the side by side moment i had with a fellow BMW around the middle of the race.

RaceRoom has certainly come a long way from its hot lapping beginnings and once it gets full triple screen support you wont be able to keep me off it !

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