Racer Free Car Simulator - Audi R8 V10 Plus - Reshade Test / Ambient Occlusion + DOF + MotionBlur

  1. Punk Potato
    Punk Potato
    Interesting the track seems to be from google earth images, although low poly, and sounds from Assetto Corsa. But please dont use this head aching amount of DOF and motion blur.
  2. Raphael Buthmann
    Raphael Buthmann
    Not from Assetto Corsa, and thanks about this feedback.

    I'll try less Dof next time and motion blur =)
  3. Punk Potato
    Punk Potato
    Also first time I seen this "game", just looked it up, surprised how bad it looks everywhere else :D
  4. Raphael Buthmann
    Raphael Buthmann
    it's good to know.
  5. 2stains
    Nords never looked so good !

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