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[Race 07] - Nordschleife - Ferrari 550 BMS - OnBoard - 06.31.036 - Logitech G27 - Full HD

[Date yyyy.mm.dd: 2014.04.11]

This is an onboard old lap I did lot of times ago (08/12/2013), when I was in the "Race 07 Nordschleife" mode.
I was in use to lap Nordschleife in Race 07 (available with GTR Evolution expansion) with all car possible in the game.
And all of them with default setup (no time and no skills to customize).

I didn't succeed to drive them all, but this is surely the faster lap I did with a non-fiction car (so except Extreme and Formula Race Room).
But the car is not in the base game, it's a mod: the GTR2GT mod, which means it's made by exporting cars from GTR 2 game and making them available in Race 07!

Just for info, my faster lap with non-fiction base game car (not a mod) is 06.41.266 with Pagani Zonda R!

Game: Race 07;
Car: Ferrari 550 BMS;
Category: GTR2GT (mod);
Race: Time Attack;
Location: Nurburg;
Track: Nurburgring - Nordschleife;
Best Lap: 6.31.036;
Controller: Steering Wheel - Logitech G27;
Setup: Default;
Driver Assistance: None;
Gears: Sequential;
Clutch: Auto;
Difficulty: Pro.

Location: http://goo.gl/pLPFm

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