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R3E - Imola - NSU TTS - 110% AI Race

JO Simracing
Advertised by NSU as “The car that leaps – yet hugs the ground”, this was a natural choice as a race or rally car in the late 60's and already by the early 70's the racing Prinz had earned a cult following.

Sporting a twin carburetor air cooled power plant, the racing spec TTS gives you 120 Hp at your right foot. With 60'es drum brakes fitted to stop you again, that is more than enough to keep life quite interesting on a full attack lap. This historic gem will reward smooth driving with focus on maintaining the momentum and nailing the perfect lines. But it has enough power to go sideways if that's your style.
More here: http://game.raceroom.com/store/cars/nsu-tts-cup/nsu/nsu-tts

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