R3E: Formula Raceroom X-17 @ Nordschleife - This car is mental!

Martin Fiala
After seeing Georg Ortner doing hotlaps with this car on the Nordschleife, I had to give it a go as well. And honestly - this car is just crazy. It's breathtakingly fast and it has an absurd amount of grip - you can go flat out in corners you never thought were possible to be taken flat out. I've driven F1 cars in sims before, but never did it feel like this before. If you're at least a bit interested in simracing, do yourself a favor and try it.

And yes, there's plenty of room for improvement in my hotlap and I'm almost 10 seconds behind the pace. But I'm quite happy - currently 30th place on the world leaderboard. Especially since I'm still only using my good old Driving Force GT with stock pedals (but with a little brake mod).
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  2. 9kret9
    Nice one, not easy to tame this one, it`s more of testing your own limits than car limits :)

    BTW as I see you drive with no arms on, do you know that newer raceroom models (X-17, FR2, GT3s like Bentley,McLaren 650, BMW M6, audi TT, NSU TT etc.), have a 360 degree hand animation, so it`s not as bad to drive with those, I hate those with degree limited to 180 and also turn off the arms there.
  3. Martin Fiala
    Martin Fiala
    Yes, I know. I don't have it disabled because it looks bad, more because it looks weird to me. I'd probably disable the wheel as well, but on video, it looks better with the wheel, so I'm keeping that one.

    And thanks. Yes, it's definitely testing your own limits (it's funny how much slower it looks when just watching the video and not driving), the car doesn't seem to have these ;)
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  4. 9kret9
    Yeah it doesn't give you the same feeling when driving or just watching.

    So before I tried it, it didn't know is such enjoyable from just watching videos.

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