Project Immersion - RRRE (US) ADAC GT Masters

I thought let's give RRRE a bash and bought a few of the 'experiences' packs during the Black Friday weekend sale.

You may have guessed by now that my favourite class is GT3, and so the ADAC GT Masters Experience pack was an obvious choice amongst a few others.

I started with the Ford GT, which feels great. It's a little quirky to get used to but then quite easy to put the power down out of the apex. The Z06.R was next and boy this is a fun car with a happy rear axle that makes rubber shaped smiles on the tarmac with ease. I finished with the Camaro, it's a lot taller then the other 2 and I struggled to see anything apart from the other Camero's in the rear view mirror, but had some close races none the less.

RRRE is a massively underrated title with little promotion on many sites. IMHO it's right at the bottom end of the Sim category, but it's beyond an arcade racer at least on 'Feels Real' setting or what ever it is. The most important thing though, is it feels good and is loads of fun to drive these cars and I got lost in the atmosphere because the sound is awesome and the experience is just great, despite not having the motion seat giving me the prompts I am used to.

I think I'll give the Germaneering rockets a go next time and maybe the GTR to see what drive-by-wire feels like in comparison.

More details can be found on my website:
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    Awesome set up!!!

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