Project Immersion ~ Project Cars ~ Formula Rookie Race ~ Monoco (Dusk)

The sun had just about disappeared over the hills of Monoco after a full Friday of practice by the Formula teams at this prestigious location the day before the F1 qualifying sessions.

The milionaires were still out playing on the trackside while the 1600cc open-wheelers lined up for an impromtu race. I was lucky enough to be mid pack amongst what seemed like a plethora of Rookies on the pit straight and waited patiently for the lights to go green.

After a great start and some tustling at turn one, I managed to improve my position quickly and have only a few cars left in front of me by the end of lap one. Lap by lap I mis-shifted the right-handed 4-speed H-Shifter and lost timing with my clutch foot whilst wrapped in the excitement of being P3 at an ealy stage in the 10 lapper, making it very difficult to get passed the last pair of racers.

Towards the end of lap 3 I had a nasty close shave with the armco at Anthony Noghes, but recovered with straight steering, much to my amazement.

I took my chance on Lap 8 and got past both of them. I continued to wear down my paintwork with careless driving in the twylight and nearly duffed the right front steering assembly a few times, but the atmosphere was just so romantic I pesevered and brought home a victory to my sponsors.

I'm due to go around Stowe circuit at Silverstone for my birthday in a month or so in a Formula Silverstone, which is very similar I believe to the Formula Rookie in Project Cars and am really looking forward to the session.

More information on my setup and much more can be found on my website:

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